Departments - The Calibration Laboratory

TME has its own calibration laboratory, whose methodology is governed by internal quality procedures. This department handles the calibration procedures for our products and provides a service to clients wishing to calibrate their force, pressure or torque sensors, or even full measurement systems.

- Quality / Control
- Sensor tracking
- Accelerated completion times
- Force up to 30 tonnes
- Pressure up to 1000 bars

Primary characteristics:

Our calibration techniques integrate digital acquisition and memorisation systems, which systematically produce calibration certificates. Here are some of the resources in play:

Dead weight force test beds:

- 1g to 50kg, with uncertainty about the generated force of 0.02%
- 100daN to 30 000daN, with uncertainty about the generated force of 0.1%

Pressure generator test bed :

DESGRANGES AND HUOT = 0.2 to 1000 bars, with a generated force uncertainty of 0.1% 

This equipment allows us to calibrate force sensors, scales, “static” torque sensors, multi-component sensors and pressure sensors. 
And as for the sensors we can’t calibrate on our own site, we work with specialist partners.

Our certificates:

  • Sensitivity certificates: All of our sensors come with this type of certificate. They list the sensor sensitivity.
  • Calibration certificates: Standardisation certificates are issued upon request, and are an additional service. They include the sensitivity, the 5-point EM signal measurement (increasing and decreasing loads), the sensor hysteresis and linearity.
    The standardisation service can be personalised to meet the client’s needs (specific point readings, 10-point EM readings...).


All of our masses and benchmark measurement systems are verified and set against national benchmarks by COFRAC-certified organisations (or equivalent for non-French organisations).
You’ll find all the information about our benchmarks on page 2 of the certificates:

- Number
- Certificate number 
- Uncertainty

    Specific products

    For any specific need , do not hesitate to consult us. Our design office will develop for you a "tailor-made" product that meets your specifications.

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