The term extensometry covers the instruments and application of the gauges to the test specimens, and to various other mechanical components.

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  • Adhesion to the test specimen
  • Adhesion to the mechanical component

Adapting test specimens:

Some companies have designed and used sensors with complex shapes, which are specific to their own applications. As such, they either manufacture or bring in customised test specimens. 
In this case, we can “instrument” the test specimen and transform it into a sensor. This consists of gluing and cabling the stress gauges, then compensating and balancing the sensor.

Adapting other mechanical components:

Some measurements can’t be taken using sensors (if they are too cumbersome, or for other reasons). In this case, when possible (not all mechanical parts are “instrumentable”), we can turn the parts into stress gauges either on site or in our workshops.
This instrumentation process can take two forms: 
- Incorporating the gauges as a Wheatstone bridge = A bridge-based measurement system (4 or 8 gauges) used to measure physical factors (force, torque, etc.)
- Incorporating the gauge = One pathway per gauge
In this way, they can be used as an extensometer to measure micro-deformations. 

Additional information:

Turning a mechanical part into a measuring instrument can be a temporary solution, for a one-off measuring application (e.g. verifying the stress on a metal structure: bridge, crane, etc.)
In this case, our services can extend to hiring out the measurement equipment and analysing the results.  A study report which compiles all of the results and our interpretation of them will be submitted once our work is complete.   

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