RealView 3.0

RealView is a software capable of recovering analog data coming from PC interface cards in order to be able to display them in the form of graphs.

Main Features:

After configuring the program according to the sensor signals and your application, this software will allow you to view and record the signals being acquired. Once the signal is memorized, you will be able to "zoom" certain parts and use markers in order to take measurements of amplitudes and durations. Several signals can be represented at the same time on the screen and numerous printing options will allow you to edit them on one or more sheets. An option will also allow you to export the data in EXCEL ™ format.

Examples of Functions:

- A control panel allows immediate action on the measurement by means of "Start / Stop / Pause ..." buttons.

- An indicator constantly reminds you of the status of the inputs (active or not), storage start time, storage end time, number of measurements made or memory used

- The management of the "zoom" is simplified by the use of numerous menus. "Markers" (X / Y) will allow you to make differential measurements to determine the amplitude or period of a signal.

- It is possible to configure the software in order to trigger the acquisition or stop the measurements automatically on a trigger value. As soon as this condition is detected by the software, the acquisition phase can be activated for a configurable period. It is also possible to configure the "flow" of the acquisitions (every 5 ms approx. Every 30 minutes) ...

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